Afikim - The Israel Family Enrichment Association


Afikim operates 14 centers around Israel, with a staff of dozens of professional teachers, counselors and volunteers from Israel and abroad.

Afikim’s head offices are located in Jerusalem.

  • Moshe Lefkowitz, Afikim’s CEO
    Moshe Lefkowitz is a well-seasoned educator, whose parents were amongst the initial founders of the Jewish community in Safed. In the past Moshe served as the CEO of the Diskin orphanage in Jerusalem, and participated in setting up the Meir Panim and Koach Latet nonprofit organizations.
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  • Hila Elimelech, District Counselor for the Jerusalem Region and Pedagogical Director

    Hila headed Afikim’s branch in Ramot, Jerusalem, for 4 years when she was appointed the counselor of all Afikim’s learning centers in Jerusalem. She is responsible for constructing Afikim’s educational programs and activities.

  • Anna Pokidov, Director of Afikim, Lod

    Anna is one of the older residents of the Ganei Aviv neighborhood, where she serves as the absorption coordinator for the Municipality of Lod. She spends a vast part of her time working with families, whom she knows personally, and for 6 years has headed the Lod branch of Afikim, which helps children in primary and junior high grades.

  • Ohad Asraf, Director of Afikim, Kiryat Malachi

    Born in Kiryat Malachi and a current resident of Ashkelon, Ohad is an avid soccer player and the deputy principal of the Amit Junior High and High School. Ohad has headed the Afikim Center in Kiryat Malachi since its establishment 8 years ago. He is an outstanding educator, who focuses not only on help and giving, but also on turning children into givers and helpers.

  • Nava Algali, Director of Afikim, Kiryat Shmona

    Born in Moshav Dalton in the Upper Galilee and a current resident of Kiryat Shmona, Nava serves as a counselor and assistant teacher to local drop-out children through the Kiryat Hanoar – Kiryat Shmona program. For the past seven years Nava has headed the Afikim branch for primary school children, investing her energies in the child’s personal image and a close relationship with the children and their families.

  • Members of the Executive:

  • Naftali Naor

    Naftali Naor

    בן 39, תושב מבשרת ציון, מוסמך במדעי המדינה מהאוניברסיטה העברית, מגשר מוסמך, איש ציבור ופעיל חברתי. מועמד ברשימת הליכוד לכנסת ה-20.

    נפתלי, דוגל בפעילותו בצמצום הפערים החברתיים, דאגה לשכבות החלשות והבטחת שוויון הזדמנויות לכל. באמצעות קידום מסגרות חברתיות שמבוססת על עקרונות של צדק ומאפשרת ליחידים ולקבוצות קיום כלכלי מכובד וראוי.

    בפעילותו ההתנדבותית כחבר הנהלה באפיקים מפרסם מאמרים, מבצע לובינג להסדרת היחסים והכרה של מגוון מוסדות וארגונים בצרכיהם של ילדים ונוער בסיכון ומגייס משאבים לקורסים וסדנאות לקידום אוכלוסיות אלה.

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