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Afikim’s Vision

Afikim’s Vision
Afikim has been working over the past decade, striving to change the economic and social reality in Israel, where families in socioeconomic peripheries have a lower chance of breaking out of the cycle of poverty into economic independence. We, at Afikim, believe that the key to economic independence and integration into the Israeli society is first and foremost through education. For that reason most of Afikim’s activities focus on its learning centers and afternoon programs that provide educational support for children who have no access to high-quality education.

Afikim’s vision is that of a normalized Israeli society, where children from social and geographic peripheries have equal opportunities to succeed and advance in life, through education and hard-work. These children, the future of the State of Israel, complete high school with a full matriculation certificate, recruit to the IDF and National Service in significant positions and continue their professional paths by acquiring academic education that enables them to secure themselves economic independence. We are delighted that our first cohort of graduates is currently completing their army service and venturing out on their academic studies, proving to us that this vision is not a legend, nor a dream, but our existing reality!

At Afikim’s learning centers and afternoon programs children aged 6-18 benefit from help with homework and learning for their matriculation exams. They participate in enrichment courses and enjoy emotional and social support. Activities at Afikim strive not only to achieve educational excellence, but also to strengthen each and every child’s sense of ability, develop a strong and independent “me” and form their own morals and values. Afikim’s programs run throughout the school year; special programs held during Jewish Holidays and the school vacations prevent youth at-risk from wandering the streets and give them pleasurable, enriching and learning experiences.

We at Afikim believe in the approach that a person will benefit more from receiving a fishing rod, than from being given a fish. For this reason we strive, not only to strengthen the children and their skills, but to help the entire family. Afikim’s support is given not only through economic assistance, but mainly by providing tools for sensible economic behavior and improving parental skills.

Afikim’s activities are made possible through the support of families, communities and companies in Israel and around the world, as well as a flourishing cooperation with foundations and social and governmental organizations.


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